Monday, August 10, 2015


On Friday, August 7, a tragic car accident began when a wrong way driver hit an SUV with five young adults inside. A semi truck came upon the accident and the truck driver did not have time to stop before hitting both vehicles. This accident ultimately led to the untimely death of three HHS Band friends from Elder Morgan's 2014 graduating class. Elder Morgan writes:

August 8, 2015 
Those peers of mine that were lost and injured were great examples and leaders in The Pride of Herndon Marching Band, at Herndon High School, and within the Herndon community. They were actively involved in a  variety of activities -- band, theatre, scouting, charity, and more.  They were also people who loved making others happy and putting others  before themselves and they would do that with little acts of kindness  ranging from surprising people with flamingos in the yard to being the leaders of Herndon's Pride. I was lucky enough to have the privilege of working with those people throughout my time at Herndon High School. They were some of the most outstanding leaders and people I have worked with. They always cared about how other people were feeling, they  made people happy with their Pride spirit, and they made sure the band  was always striving to "be better today than they were yesterday." I thank Holly for the time I was able to  work  with her as drum majors, Kyle for his large desire to make  people happy and support the school/band program, Dale for his leadership within the band and his motivation to be the best he and the ensemble could be, and Kevin for his leadership over the pit and drumline, for also always wanting to be the best he and the ensemble could be, and also for being a great friend since  elementary school. Their influence will  always  be  remembered.

Holly, Kyle and Dale

August 10, 2015 (additional thoughts)
That event ties into my spiritual thought [religious perspective]: God has a perfect plan of happiness of each of us. It started before we came to Earth and it  continues on after this life. Dale, Kyle, and Holly live on. Their spirits are in a place where they can continue to learn, grow, and be happy. Just like birth is part of God's plan for us, so is death. Birth brings us to this stage in our eternal life and death moves us on to the next stage of our eternal life. This is a hard thing to have happen. It is tragic. I know that as we rely on God through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance, He will ease this burden that now rests on many of us.

I love you all; I'm praying for you all; I miss you all. May God be with you.

-Elder Morgan

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