Friday, August 7, 2015

August 7, 2013, A Tragic Day of Loss for the HHS Class of 2014, and the Pride of Herndon Band Family.

Herndon Patch

Three teenagers identified as recent graduates of Herndon High School died early Friday in a head-on collision on a Texas highway, and two other teens were seriously injured, according to media reports.
WTVR Channel 6, a Richmond TV station, reported Friday that Dale Neibaur, 19; Holly Novak, 18; and Kyle Mathers, 19, were killed when their SUV was hit by a wrong-way driver at 1:50 a.m. on Interstate 30 in Hunt County, Texas.
An 18-wheel tractor-trailer that came upon the accident could not stop in time and slammed into the SUV and the wrong-way driver’s car, WTVR reported, and both vehicles caught fire.
The wrong-way driver also died in the crash, according to media reports. He was identified by a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman as Kenneth G. Frazier, 78, of Royce City, Texas.
The two other teens in the crash were taken to a Dallas hospital, according to media reports. They are Hannah Galbaith, 18, and Kevin DiCicco, 19, WTVR reported.
The Facebook page of the Herndon Band identified the three deceased teenagers as members of the band and of Herndon High School’s Class of 2014. Novak served in the band as a drum major, while Neibaur served as trombone section leader and Mathers as pep band manager.
The five teens were taking a road trip in the SUV from Virginia to a video-gaming convention in Austin, Texas, media reports stated.

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