Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 15, 2015

One month down, 23 to go!

I forgot my journal at home so this email will have less information.

Monday: P-Day. Went to a music store and had a lot of fun in there. For FHE we played softball!

Tuesday: We started making a patio for a senior less-active member and his wife. In the evening, we had to wait for the assistants at the stake center because one of them was going to tag along with us for an exchange. His name is Elder Aiono. He is a super nice guy!

Wednesday: Temple trip to the Snowflake temple! It was a lot of fun! I did the temple work for someone from my own family tree for the first time. That was awesome! We then went to missionary night and didn't have much success that time. Then we had a great dinner with a part member family.

Temple Trip with half of the missionaries in the Scottsdale Mission.

Thursday: Worked on the patio some more and taught investigators about tithing and fasting. In the evening we went to institute and talked about Moses 5. That was so much fun! I gained so much insight. I found someone who could play piano for a musical number for me and the ward organist said she would let me borrow her organ key on P-Days so I could go play it!

Friday: Weekly Planning. We had an appointment in the morning and in the evening. Both of them went well.

Saturday: We did a lot of service for a non-member as well as continued working on the patio. I had baked ziti for dinner which was a nice reminder of home (but it wasn't as good or the same as my father's). We tried to visit less-actives, but most of them weren't home. One of the families that was home owns animals and one of their goats got on our car.....(see pictures) We may have found a new part member family that night, which was nice!

Goat on car... go figure.

Sunday: Lots of church and meetings. Branch Council, the Ward Council, then Sacrament meeting, Gospel Principles, and Priesthood. With about 30 minute for a lunch break in between. After church we did some finding in the park. We talked to a man who was also a marine recruiter. We talked a little bit and told him our interactions with the military. Both my companion and I took time to sit down with a recruiter before our missions and talk. He had respect for us because we did that. He let us come meet with him that night to talk about the gospel. He as a really great family and he and his wife are super nice. At church, we also met a teenager who just popped into the meeting. He is really nice and positive and said he'd meet with us tonight. 

My companion and I talked about how it's hard to keep track of missionary visits in the evenings, so I suggested we make a Good Spreadsheet to track everything and so the branch missionary committee can all access and edit it! It might work well, we'll see. We might try it this week.

That's my week! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I miss you all!

Elder Morgan

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