Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 8, 2015

Hello everyone! 

An update on the transfer: I am going to stay in the same area with the same companion for the next transfer!

Tuesday: We did a lot of service (Eagle Project, yard work) and we also helped a teacher move her classroom. We had a few lessons and played some volleyball as well with the YSA's for game night. At night, the zone leaders slept over with us and we slept in our member's home's tree house. It was very uncomfortable and very close quarters. We also went frog hunting and caught a small frog.

District leaders prepared for District Meeting.

Wednesday: District meeting. After that meeting we went to Dairy Queen with the zone leaders. We had some lessons which all went well and a friend of one of our recent converts said she wanted to get baptized! That's super exciting. We had missionary night in the evening which was great! We did a lot of driving around, but we met with one member and had a great lesson. We got to show my favorite Mormon Message "The Hope of God's Light." I loved it. [You can view it here.]

The Hope of God's Light

Thursday: We had a lot of less active visits and a few set lessons which went well. We then moved to Pinetop to live with the zone leaders because the member's we live with needed our studio for their guests for the fourth of July (they had 32 people over!).

Friday: Weekly planning, two lessons which both went well, and then service. We were taking out a less-active member's bush for her. A storm was coming and it was really cool working outside, seeing the lighting around us and hearing the thunder. One of the great things about the rain here is that it cools the temperature down by about 20 degrees after. It's great.

Saturday: We woke up early to help check-in floats for the Show Low 4th of July parade, then watched the parade. The rest of the day was trying to make less active visits which was very challenging. For dinner, our recent converts invited us to their campground on the reservation. It was about a 25 minute drive from where we were living. It was super pretty and felt super nice outside. We had some great foil dinners. There were Mexicans at the campground next to us and they gave us some really good salsa. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to see the fireworks, but that was okay because we got permission to go home 30 minutes early instead, ha-ha. We also got our transfer news this day.

Sunday: Busy church day as usual, trying to make visits in the evening. One of our zone leader finished his mission and went to the valley, so the other stayed with my companion and I starting Sunday.

Monday: More less active visits and some lessons. Our recent converts gave us dinner again at their house and it was so good. We had a potential investigator go to FHE, but found out he isn't actually interested in learning more, only in hanging out. So, we will see what happens.

Tuesday: Service in the morning, lessons, and visits. For the service, we started leveling ground so we can lay a patio. Dinner was a fun experience. It was with a potential investigator (the one we do service for). We ended by showing the Restoration video of the first vision. WE are going to try and meet with them just to talk about religion. They are religious as well, so we plan to discuss our different beliefs. Game night was great! I got to meet some less active members and play ultimate Frisbee. I had so much fun.

Wednesday: We had to help clear out an apartment, then I bought some discs and am going to play disc golf later today. We did our shopping and tonight we have missionary night and hopefully a lesson with a potential investigator!

Note... This is disk golf with a message! Cool!

Me: I'm doing well. I'm adjusting to mission life well and time seems to be speeding up. I'm excited to keep learning and growing. I'm having fun! I do miss you all and love you all!

Spiritual thought: The Lord loves us and will teach us "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little" (2 Nephi 28:30). We may not notice we are spiritual growing (just like we don't notice our physical growth), but we are! Also, we live on a covenant land (America) -- a land promised of God -- and as long as we obey God and keep His commandments, we will be blessed.

I love you all! Enjoy your week! I'll email again this Monday!

-Elder Morgan

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