Monday, November 16, 2015

August 19, 2015

Hello all!

I actually took pictures this week! This was a busy week but a lot of fun. I'm continuing to learn a lot, become better, and meeting new people! I also hit my three month mark last week and finished my mission training which is so awesome!

Transfers: I'm in the same area, but Elder Anderson left. I get to be a trainer this transfer! I'm training Elder Casey, from South Jordan, Utah! He is a super great missionary and I am excited to work with him!

Monday: Had some solid lessons. One of them was a surprise too, but that's still awesome! For P-Day it was super relaxing. I got caught up on a lot of housekeeping stuff I needed to do.

Tuesday: We painted a fence for service, and I had to paint with fences on both sides of me with 12-18 inches in between. It was rough. We met with our ward mission leader to talk about the ward mission, next we had some lessons and then popped into game night. Game night was a throwback to home because they were playing a lot of music I used to listen to, haha.

Wednesday: We had zone training meeting in the morning and had missionary night in the evening. We met with a YSA less active who is ready to come back and found someone else who might want to be taught! We will see what happens.

Thursday: We had some solid lessons this day, it was great! Our last lesson of the day was with an investigator who is slowly progressing and changing. I really love working with him!

Friday: We did our weekly planning all at once with one break for lunch, then went to weed wack a lawn. After that we had a good lesson in the evening and got two people on date for baptism!

Saturday: We helped out at activity days, then we had a baptism for a YSA recent convert! It was a very nice service. We did more weed whacking today day (but I spent my time trying to figure out how to put string in the weed whacker), had a great dinner, then we were invited by on of our investigators to go to their church (called The CHURCH). It was a neat experience seeing a different type of church service. We also got our transfer news today.

Sunday: Church meetings throughout the day, had one last lesson with our YSA recent convert to say goodbye as she goes to the valley (Phoenix area in AZ), then we went out with some priests (young men ages 16-18) to teach one of our actual investigators. We were giving the priests real-world mission experience and they got to teach the lesson. It was super fun!

Monday: I finished the 12 Week training program. We had our first lesson with a referral and were able to get them on date (that was a miracle). The rest of the day was spent packing, and then, around 4:00 some of us left to the transfer meeting in the valley. It was a super fun truck ride down. We went to Scottsdale Mall so I could get my shoes looked at (it was a SUPER nice mall). The trip to the valley made me miss being in a more urban area. We also got to have dinner at the mission home which was extremely good and I saw my cousin coming into the mission! (Blake and Lauren were called to the same mission, but Lauren is a Spanish speaking missionary.)

Tuesday: We had a lot of meetings for transfers and our new missionaries. In the morning we got to work out with the mission president which was fun. We drove back up to the mountains, took some pictures at a pretty overlook, had Wendy's, then arrived in Show Low. We got to say "Hello!" to a few people at game night, but then had to go plan.

Wednesday: So far all I did today was study and get my back adjusted. It felt great. My companion is a great missionary!

Spiritual Thought: This life is hard. The Lord gives us trials so we can learn, grow and become better. So long as we trust in the Lord, have faith in Him, and keep his commandments, all will be well with us and we will inherit the blessings He WANTS to give us because He LOVES us!

I love and miss you all! Stay strong and keep doing what you're doing!

Elder Morgan

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