Sunday, November 22, 2015

September 30, 2015

 Show Low High School Drum Line w/Elder Morgan

 Elder Morgan and Elder Beesly, a missionary friend.

Elder Morgan and Elder Hugo (companions)

TRANSFER UPDATE: I'm still in the same area I have always been in. I'm
also still with Elder Hugo, training him. I'm now the district leader,
which is super exciting! My job is to support, teach and help
missionaries in about 3-5 other companionships. I've also been
appointment to be the technology specialist for the mission and the
Google Docs specialist for the mission.

Things are going well here in Arizona. We are still struggling to find
people to teach, but we are slowly increasing our teaching pool
again. I am still loving the area, the people, and the weather. Life
is good!

There isn't too much that happened last week, so I won't be giving the
normal day-by-day email. We did a lot of service last week! We helped
paint a fence, put up drywall, and weed gardens. It was hard work, but
kept us busy and was fun! Another thing we got to do which was fun was
help with the Show Low HS drum line. We got to work with them and help
them on their Show music. It's nice because their band director is in
our ward and the principal of the high school used to be the branch
president of the YSA branch.

As teaching goes last week, we had an average number of lessons. A lot
of them are good. Our mission goal is to have three people on date for
baptism, three investigators progressing, and receiving one member
referral a week. We are still working on getting that and I think we
are slowly making progress. Im trying to work more on recognizing the
Spirit, showing love, and being patient. I'm learning more and more
how hard missionary work is, haha. It is hard work and stressful. This
is the most consistently stressed I've been in my whole life. It's
hard, but I'm happy I have friends, family, other missionaries, and
Christ helping me along the way.

Spiritual thought: This weekend the world has the opportunity to hear
from today's prophets! Just like God called prophets throughout the
Bible (Adam, Moses, Abraham, Noah, etc.), he has called prophets
today! Today's prophet is Thomas S. Monson. His words, along with the
words of Christ's apostles and other church leaders will be broadcast
around the world at 10am and 2pm (Utah time) on Saturday and Sunday!
You can hear them live on, BYU Radio, and BYU TV. I know that
the messages that we will hear are from God and are applicable to each
one of us. I know God loves us and he gives us prophets to bless us.

Love and miss you all!
Elder Morgan
6265 N 82nd St
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

-Elder Morgan

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